Need to talk about your University Applications?

ACE Education has been helping students apply to top American schools for over 15 years, with its special feature of providing students verifiable extracurricular experience that makes them stand out amongst their peers. Applying to business schools? You will need to prove that you have real-world business experience, either through mentoring internships, or by starting your own business.

With InGenius, you have access to over 150 Former Admissions Officers (FAOs) and 75+ Graduate Coaches from top universities providing support and counselling for students as they prepare for university.

In combining the applications experience of ACE Education and the admissions experience of InGenius, we bring you unparalleled and unbeatable resources to bring your dream schools into reach with a 99% acceptance rate.

American Universities

Together, ACE + InGenius offer a variety of packages to provide you with options for your university applications.

Canadian Universities

Not interested in attending university in the US? We also have packages for university applications to Canadian schools!