May 12, 2018

Interview with a System Software Engineer

Reflections on Life & University Choices: An Interview with Angus Liu & Michael Mityok What is the single biggest regret you have in terms of education, looking back to when you were in high school? Considering my attitude when I was in high school, I’d probably not take my own advice…  I regret not studying and taking the SAT, it would have given me more options and potential to be in a better university than what Canada has to offer. Specifically, it seems that the harder an university is to get into, the better the students and professors, and the better […]
April 4, 2018

Blockchain: Why you and your kids need to know it

What are Blockchain technologies and how do they affect us? First, understand that blockchain technologies are the scaffolding of all cryptocurrencies; to understand cryptocurrencies, you must first understand how blockchains are built and how they function. Second, despite the negative stories in the mainstream media about how cryptocurrencies and their blockchains are about to destroy the world (or at least its economies), they are rapidly being developed by the big tech companies and investment banks like Microsoft and JP Morgan for uses specific to their industry niches. Why should you care? Because the big money obviously knows something you do […]