MA/PhD Programs

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Navigating complicated admissions processes is difficult. To help, ACE Education has a variety of packages available to assist you in gaining admittance to your MA or PhD program of choice. With 2 main levels of assistance possible, ACE is able to tailor packages to suit your needs.

Package Options

a.) Partial Package: Letter of Intent: After an interview to assess student purpose, goals, and general background, an experienced University Admissions Counsellor will draft a Letter of Intent for the applicant. Note: All other application forms, paperwork, and information will be completed by the applicant.

b.) Full Package: Letter of Intent, entrance essays, application forms, research/documentation, etc. An experienced University Admissions Counsellor from ACE will complete an interview with prospective applicants to evaluate student purpose, goals, and general background. The Admissions Counsellor will then complete the entire MA or PhD application package to the university of choice.

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