Applying for University in the U.S.A.

Build and perfect your application with experience admission counselors!

There are 4 stages for the application process:

  • Stage 1: Preparing Your Application!
    • We take your interest, career goal, high school GPA into consideration, and help you find your perfect college fit!
    • We always help students to choose schools with different rankings to minimize the risk and work towards a higher goal.
  • Stage 2: Complete Applications
    • Creating application account for each school
    • Collecting and uploading documents
    • Application essay help
    • Scholarship application
  • Stage 3: Submission & Follow up
    • Efficient communication with all schools during the application process.
  • Stage 4: Offer Selection
    • Consultation on offer selection and when and how to accept offers

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In Grade 9, 10, or 11 and want the full Pathway program? Students will not only get help with their University applications, but also have an Academic Mentor to assist them with their weak study areas, a Guidance Counselor to facilitate choosing Volunteer and Work Experience options that match student interests and goals, and a Progress Manager to help manage their schedule.

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