What is Vancouver Writing Academy?

We are an education and university admissions consultancy based in White Rock and Westside Vancouver (Kerrisdale). We provide expert guidance to parents and their kids on how to plan for and attain admissions to elite US and Canadian universities.  Ace Education also offers programs in Reading & Writing, Exam Prep, and ESL.

So why should you choose to work with VWA?

Admission to top universities is increasingly competitive; it is no longer enough to have a strong academic record and high SAT/ACT scores. You now need a consistent and verifiable extracurricular experience that is directly related to what you are going to apply to university for. For example, if you are going to apply to business schools, you will need to prove that you have real-world business experience, either through mentoring internships, or by starting your own business.

Michael Mityok

Michael Mityok BA & BEd, UBC